Utilities Disputes’ water complaints scheme was established by Utilities Disputes and Auckland-based Watercare in 2018. Milford Sound Infrastructure has now joined the Scheme.

Their customers can access our free and independent service when they have water complaints that have not been resolved to their satisfaction.

The complaints process is the same as for electricity and gas – if customers have a water complaint, the first step is to contact their company, who will try to resolve it.

Utilities Disputes can’t investigate complaints about the price of water, but we can look at whether the water bill has been calculated accurately, and whether the customer is on the right plan.

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Don't be in the dark

Before your electricity is disconnected, you should receive more than one notice. Contact your company as soon as you do. Don’t be in the dark.

You have the power

It’s your right to ask a question or make a complaint to your company about electricity, gas or water. If it’s not sorted, Utilities Disputes is here to help.

Too much energy

High bills, back bills and confusing bills are common issues. Contact your company if you have a complaint. If it’s not sorted, contact Utilities Disputes.